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Financial Planning And Investment Portals

Investment Portfolio Portal
Sign in to the client portal to view your portfolio’s performance data and real-time account holdings information.

iPad® App - Investment Portfolio Portal
Gain a complete picture of your financial portfolio right when you need it. Advisor View™ for iPad® is a convenient and secure way for our investors to monitor their financial portfolios.

MyStoryboard - Interactive Financial Planning
Rehearse life’s scenarios with MyStoryboard, our interactive planning platform designed to bring your financial future to the forefront.

Discover Your Moneymax Personality Profile
Learn which traits are assets and which traits could block your success and peace of mind.
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Custodian Portals

Schwab Alliance Client Login
Log in to manage your Schwab accounts.

TD Ameritrade Client Login
Log in to manage your TD Ameritrade accounts.

Retirement Plan Participant Portal

Your Retirement Plan Login
For employees of retirement plan clients that use Wipfli LLP third party administration services. Provides account balances, account summaries and more.

OneBite Blog

The Top 3 Needs Cash Value Life Insurance Can Help You Meet

May 23, 2018

We’re often asked by clients what type of life insurance makes the most sense for a given situation or need. There are three instances where we'd call for cash value life insurance over other types of coverage. What are they?

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By: Brad Mueller

When Should You Consider Investing in Private Equity?

May 16, 2018

From the financial sector to pop culture, the private equity market has generated a lot of buzz in recent years. Given the surge in interest, it’s no surprise many investors are plunging into the space. But is it the right type of investment for you?

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By: Rafia Hasan

The 401(k) Turns 40: How a Minor Provision Created a Powerhouse Savings Plan

May 10, 2018

Did you know the 401(k) plan celebrates its 40th birthday this year? It's an impressive milestone for an (almost) unnoticed provision in the tax code. Today, we take a trip through history and explore how the 401(k) has changed the way we save.

Tags: Life

By: McKenna Girtz

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