Our Philosophy

We Believe There's a Better Way

Tuning out the noise and staying dedicated to a long-term financial plan can be a challenge, even for the most experienced investor. But it's a challenge that we're determined to navigate, relying on time-tested research, resources and expertise to lead the way — instead of the headlines.


Taxes, fees and poor diversification can eat away at your returns. Far too many people ignore the impact these factors can have on investment growth. We don't.

As a CPA-based financial advisor, we've always employed a tax-efficient approach to investing, designed to help you keep more of what you earn for the long term.


When It Comes to Investing, We Don't Play the Guessing Game

The time-tested strategies we employ for our clients are just extensions of our investment philosophy, which is founded on Nobel Prize-winning research into the behavior of financial markets.1 Timing the market’s unpredictable ebbs and flows is nearly impossible and often turns out to be a losing strategy.

Sticking with a trusted, experienced advisor — one who understands your long-term goals and financial plan — can provide clarity and confidence through the ups and downs, and help you maximize opportunities for the future.

Broad Diversification

Academic Research

Tax Awareness

Cost Efficiency

What's Our Approach?

Learn more about our approach: investing made smart, efficient, focused.

Our Approach

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Tax, legal and accounting services are not offered with Tax-Smart Indexing.