A CPA-based Philosophy

Why Us

At Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors we see things differently. We’re a CPA-based financial advisory firm that recognizes our clients’ needs extend far beyond the confines of traditional financial planning and investment management.

Whether they’re preparing for life after their business or protecting the legacy they’ve worked years to build, we examine our clients’ entire financial picture. 

How do we do that? We connect comprehensive planning with a tax-efficient, research-driven approach to investing, focused on improving our clients’ financial wellbeing and helping them keep more of what they earn for the long term. 

We believe our clients deserve more than a one-size-fits-all financial plan. So we partner them with an advisory team that’s dedicated to helping them make the best decisions for their financial future, at every stage of their lives.

How We Started

In 1999, we teamed with Wipfli LLP, a leading CPA firm. We believed there was a need to bring a CPA-based philosophy to the financial services industry. The vision of integrated financial services began to take shape and its power soon became apparent. We now offer a range of holistic solutions and services like transition planning, tax and estate coordination, financial planning, insurance consulting, retirement plan services, and investment advice & management.

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